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Parking Violation Resolution Review Request

  1. Parking Violation Resolution Review Request

    Please visit to appeal online or submit this completed form to the address above. Note all items must be submitted or postmarked within 14-calendar days of the citation(s) issue date.  No appeals will be process after the 14 calendar-day period and late fees will be assessed.

    A separate form is required for each vehicle.

  2. By law, the registered vehicle owner is the presumed recipient of a parking citation and is responsible for paying assessed fines and fees. Maryland registrations may be "flagged" for non-payment of parking citations preventing renewal for the cited vehicle. Unpaid tickets may be turned over to a collection agency. Rental agencies may also impose additional fees for unpaid parking tickets received by the lessees of their vehicles.

  3. Rental
    • Please review all documents before submission and be sure to provide current mailing information.
    • You will be contacted only if additional information is required.
    • Payment is due by date provided by the Review Official should the appeal be denied or fine reduced.
    • Decisions for multiple citations will be sent in one reply.

    No payment is due if the Review Official vacates the fine.

  4. Review Request*

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  5. State the reasons why this fine should be reduced or vacated. The City of College Park is not responsible for monies or original documents submitted with written appeals.

    Be sure to attach copies of:

    • Any supporting documentations including photos, MVA documents, permits, etc.
    • Vehicle registration or rental agreement
  6. I, the undersigned, attest and certify that the information set forth herein is, to the best of my knowledge, true and correct and have attached a photocopy of the current vehicle registration or rental agreement to my statement.

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