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Mayor & Council Request to Add an Item to a Future Agenda

  1. Mayor and Council Request to Add an Item to a Future Agenda
    The Mayor and Council’s Rules and Procedures, adopted February 25, 2020, require the completion of this form prior to Council discussion and vote on whether an item should be added by Council to the Future Agenda list. Submit the completed form to the City Clerk for inclusion in the packet prior to the Worksession discussion of “Request For/Status of Future Agenda items.” Please see the summary of Council rules on page 2 pertaining to adding items to the Master list.
  2. The Five Criteria that must be considered, per Council Rules.
  3. 1. Does it fit with the City Mission and Strategic Plan?
  4. 3. Does it affect a significant number of residents?
  5. 4. Is there another way to handle it before devoting Mayor and Council discussion time / Staff time?
  6. 5. Is it strategic/big picture in nature?
  7. Discussed with the City Manager?
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