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Animal Control

  1. Cat Adoption Application

    To apply to adopt a specific cat, please fill out this form. Please note: We would like to help you find the right cat and... More…

  2. Lost or Found Animal

    If you have lost or found an animal in the City of College Park, please complete this form entirely.

  1. Dog Adoption Application

    To apply to adopt a specific dog, please fill out this form. Please note: We would like to help you find the right dog and... More…

Board & Committee

  1. EAC Doris Ellis Essay Contest 2020

    The Education Advisory Committee (EAC) would like to announce an essay contest, open to all students who are residents of the City of... More…


  1. Application for Street Obstruction or Closing

    Application for resident requests for street closings for special events.

  2. Party Registration Form

    Help comply with City noise and nuisance ordinances by registering your party with the City of College Park. You’ll receive a warning... More…

  1. Foster Program Application and Agreement

    Applicants must be 18 years old to serve as a Foster. You must consent to a home check and provide veterinary references. Proof of... More…


  1. Curbside Food Scrap Collection Program

    The City of College Park now collects food scraps curbside. Residents must sign up and choose container preference(s). This will be a... More…

  2. Tree Canopy Enhancement Program (TCEP)

    Beginning in 2017 City of College Park property owners can apply for reimbursement of up to $150.00 annually for approved tree(s)... More…

  1. Request for City Tree Maintenance or Planting Form
  2. Tree Removal and Pruning Permit Application

    A College Park residential property owner must complete and submit this application to the Department of Public Works to obtain a... More…


  1. 2023 Deck the City Holiday Decorating Contest Nomination

    Love to decorate for the holidays? Feel like Clark W. Griswold's light display has nothing on yours? Have more inflatables outside than... More…

  2. City Event Application

    For internal use only.

  1. 2024 Parade Participation Entries
  2. Take action against litter!

    Form a team or go out on your own. Any street or natural area of your choice. All supplies will be provided. This is a great way for... More…

Mayor & Council

  1. Mayor & Council Request to Add an Item to a Future Agenda

    The Mayor and Council’s Rules and Procedures, adopted February 25, 2020, require the completion of this form prior to Council... More…


  1. Parking Violation Resolution Review Request

    Please visit to appeal online or submit this completed form to the address above. Note all items... More…

Pay & Apply

  1. 2023 Elderly Tax Credit Application
  2. Community Event Micro Grant Program Event Report and Reimbursement Request

    Completion and submission of this form is required within 10 business days of an approve microgrant project or event. This form... More…

  1. Community Event Micro Grant Application

    Replaces form: The City of... More…

Permits, Licenses and Applications

  1. Application for Recreation Facility Use

    Application for Duvall Field and Calvert Hills Field Use.


  1. 2023 PTA / PTO Survey

    The College Park Education Advisory Committee is seeking information from PTA/PTO groups of boundary schools for College Park students... More…

  1. City of College Park and TECP Tutoring Program

    The City of College Park is excited to partner with The Every Child Project (TECP) during the 2022-2023 school year to dedicate ongoing... More…