Will the City Distribute Free Re-Usable Bags?

To help alleviate the costs of reusable bags on the College Park community, the City will begin distributing a limited supply of reusable bags to City residents later this year. Dates and locations for bag distribution will be announced via City communication channels including City social media and email. The community is encouraged to sign up for City emails at www.collegeparkmd.gov/cpconnect and to follow the City’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

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1. What is the objective of the Better Bag Ordinance?
2. When does this Ordinance go into effect?
3. Why Restrict Single-Use Plastic Bags?
4. Why charge for Paper Bags?
5. Will the City Distribute Free Re-Usable Bags?
6. Is this a Tax?
7. How does this Ordinance Work?
8. Are there any Exemptions?
9. Are Restaurant Carry-Out bags included in the Ordinance?
10. How will the Ordinance be enforced?
11. I'm a business owner and need help!
12. What qualifies as a “Reusable Bag”?