Environmentally Friendly Landscaping and Beautification:  Rick Borchelt, botanist and horticulturist, for his garden, which is registered as a National Wildlife Habitat and as a Certified Butterfly Garden; for his use of native and heirloom plants in landscaping; and for his minimal use of herbicides and pesticides. 

Conservation of Natural Resources:   Vicky Hageman for her work as a Citizens to Conserve and Restore Indian Creek (CCRIC) activist to protect Indian Creek, including coordinating clean-ups, reporting dumping violations, and instigating a storm drain awareness program.

Award for Other Environmental Achievements:  Eric Maring for his work as an environmental educator of children through music.

"Environmental 3-R's: Reduce - Reuse - Recycle":   Spellman House for its installation of 50 solar panels, a cool roof, and an energy-efficient furnace; for use of recycled materials in its fencing and outdoor furniture; and for other environmental efforts, including use of nontoxic paints, installation of a pervious crushed stone walkway, and extensive landscaping.

Jason’s Deli received an honorable mention.

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