No Green Award given, but the following were nominated: 

La Prima La Prima Catering, 5105 Berwyn Rd, College Park, MD 20740 (nominated by Phil Aronson) dedicated to improving our environmental impact. Currently, we offer green services for all catered events, including compostable plates and utensils and farm-to-table menus with organic, locally grown food. Environmental goals include: 

Mr. Van & Mrs Sangi Tluanga, 9300 Davidson Street, College Park, MD  20740 (nominated by Zari Malsawma)

Rain barrel, vegetable garden in the backyard, compost pile.  Sangi also collects recyclable trash for recycling as she walks the Buck Lodge trail & park.

Mr. Paul & Mrs. Rose Haldemann, 9118 St. Andrews Place, College Park, MD  20740 (nominated by Zari Malsawma)

Just went solar a couple of months ago - solar panels installed on two sides of rooftop.  Rose is dedicated to keeping her block clean by picking up trash on the road in front of her house, and keeping the picnic area in the CPW Neighborhood Park across from her house clean.

Stasia and Myron Hutchison of Cherry Hill (nominated by Mary Cook)

Examples of how they protect the environment include: installation of solar panels; use of solar panels to charge battery to run TV displaying their daughter, Caitlyn's environmental video; use of lemon and eucalyptus spray to combat ticks; turning down the thermostat in the winter and up in the summer; use of rain barrels

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