City of College Park, Maryland

Bulk Trash and Special Item Collection Statement and Report

COLLEGE PARK, MD, April 10, 2018 - During the April 3, 2018 Mayor and Council Worksession, City staff provided a report regarding bulk trash and special item collections conducted by the City’s Department of Public Works. The report is available here

Bulk trash and special item collections are defined as electronics recycling, white goods/appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), special trash (furniture, tires, construction debris, materials from move-outs, etc.), and woody debris. This report does not include the City’s leaf collections, regular refuse and recycling collections.

Currently, the City Code allows an unlimited number of pick-ups and an unlimited volume of special items or bulk trash material to be collected at the curb at no additional cost to the resident. As the report demonstrates, the number of collections and volume of materials has increased over the last several years. The City collects construction debris and demolition material left on the curb from home remodels (which normally would be disposed of by the contractor), large trees cut or bundled into sections, and repeat disposal requests of units of the same type of appliance each year from the same address. The City also routinely hauls away household “move-outs.”

To address these concerns, the City is considering updating City policies regarding bulk trash and special item collections to limit excessive uses of the City’s service while still accommodating residents’ needs. In FY2017, it cost City taxpayers $562,552 to provide the bulk trash and special collection services to City residents. Only about a third of the cost is offset by the fee paid by some landlords and commercial entities ($180 per year).

After reviewing and discussing the staff report, the Mayor and Council directed staff to continue researching this issue. Staff will review policies and best practices from other jurisdictions and bring back recommendations for Council consideration. Any additional information and proposed recommendations will be available on the City’s website.



For the Report on Citywide Bulk Trash and Special Item Collection Report, please click here.