City of College Park, Maryland

Closure of cut-thru from Lafayette Ave. to Rivertech Ct.

November 25, 2015

Closure of Parking Lot of Former ERCO Plant Between the Rivertech Court Cul-de-sac and Lafayette Avenue in Riverdale Park

Work will soon begin on the new CSX crossing at Riverdale Park Station. The bridge construction work is significant and requires the closing of the former ERCO plant parking lot between the Rivertech Court cul-de-sac and Lafayette Avenue. This route has been used for years as a “short cut” from Lafayette Avenue to M-Square.

The closure will begin on or about December 14, 2015 and will continue until the new bridge is open – estimated to be in April 2017.

The initial construction activities include the relocation of existing electrical and gas utilities that run parallel to the CSX tracks. Utility relocations are necessary for the construction of the new bridge over the CSX railroad tracks.

Temporary detour signage will be installed at the point of the construction directing bicyclists to an alternate route around the bridge construction. In addition, Gateway Park along the Route 1 frontage of the site will soon be open and provide bike/pedestrian access along Route 1.

For any questions, please contact Robert Lockhart of Capital Construction Consultants at 202-669-7157 or email at