City of College Park, Maryland

'Pay By Cell'


The City of College Park is proud to offer MobileNOW! ‘Pay By Cell’ technology to our customers in select metered areas of the downtown core of our city as yet another payment option to metered parking.

Residents, commuters, and visitors alike may now pay for parking using the free MobileNOW! app, or by calling MobileNOW! at 301-276-0593, using the MobileNOW! IVR system to set up an account. ‘Pay By Cell’ parking will be offered specifically in the College Park Shopping Center (CVS Pharmacy Lot), the City Hall parking Lot, located at 4500 Knox Road, and the city’s Municipal Parking Garage, located at the corner of Knox Road and Yale Avenue.

In real time, parkers may manage their sessions remotely from anywhere, without the hassle of returning to their vehicles, or to the pay stations situated in these locations.

When a customer first creates an account with MobileNOW!, a $20.00 balance will be assessed to the customer’s credit card that has been provided, but will not be charged to the credit card account until the first transaction occurs. Additionally, there is a 0.35¢ per transaction fee that will automatically be assessed, in addition to the hourly rates charged by the city.

MobileNOW! solutions are developed for all mobile devices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. For more information, visit or contact