City of College Park, Maryland

Public Works

Tree & Landscape Maintenance

Updated 9/18/18

NOTICE: Any planned tree work for electric line clearance will be announced as information becomes available. 

If you have questions contact Brenda Alexander, 240-487-3590 or email

PEPCO maintains clearance around their power distribution lines to maintain service reliability. Contractors develop a scope of work for City trees and for trees on private property. No tree work will begin until after the planned work is agreed upon by the City, private tree owners and PEPCO. If trees on your private property will be impacted, you will be contacted by the planner. For further information, please contact Brenda Alexander at 240-487-3590 or

Click here for a message about PEPCO Tree Work in College Park.

Tree Canopy Enhancement Program
Plant Trees

Why plant trees on your property? Trees provide many benefits for homeowners, including interception of rain water and reduction of storm water runoff, reducing residential cooling & heating costs, carbon sequestration, and increasing property values (just to name a few).

There are several programs available to residents to provide funding for tree planting on private property. Now is a good time to plan for planting! Click on the links below for more information and to get started.  Click here to learn more about the Prince George's County Rain Check Rebate Program and click here for an application. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources also has a program - click the link for more information Maryland DNR Tree Coupon.

Plantings throughout the City

The Department of Public Works landscape crew plant and maintain flower beds at various locations throughout the City, including City buildings and recreational facilities, City entrance signs, community entrances, roadway medians and rights-of-way. These seasonal plantings have earned the City designation as "Tree City USA" and "Plant City". Ongoing services and coordination with the Committee for a Better Environment (CBE), the Tree & Landscape Board, and the Veterans Memorial Committee ensures community involvement with City beautification projects.

Parks and Playgrounds

The following is a listing of the parks and playgrounds maintained by the City of College Park:

  • Calvert Hills playground and athletic field, 4601 Calvert Road
  • Crystal Springs playground, 37th Avenue
  • Davis playground, Iroquois Street
  • Duvall playground and athletic field, Rhode Island Avenue
  • Hollywood playground, Hollywood Road and 48th Place
  • Muskogee playground, Muskogee Street and Narragansett Parkway
  • Old Town playground, Columbia Avenue
  • The Mews playground, Catawba Road
  • James Adams Park, Berwyn House Road
  • Veterans Memorial, Route 1 and Greenbelt Road

Call the City at 240-487-3590 for maintenance requests for these parks and playgrounds.

All other parks and playgrounds are owned and maintained by Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission (M-NCPPC). Call 301-699-2255 for maintenance questions; after hours emergencies call Park Police 301-459-9088.

Requests for Street Trees

The City of College Park has a program that provides for street tree planting in the City of College Park right-of-way area, which includes the grass strip between the curb and sidewalk. College Park residents interested in requesting a tree can contact the City Horticulturist at 240-487-3590 or The location will be inspected to determine if it is suitable. Planning for tree planting is an ongoing activity.

Alice Kennington Memorial Tree Fund

The Alice Kennington Memorial Tree Fund is a unique program of the City of College Park.  The goal of the Fund is to increase the urban forest and enhance the beauty of the City. The Memorial Tree Fund receives charitable gifts from donors, which may be used for Municipal tree planting.  It is named in honor of Ms. Alice Kennington, a long-time resident of College Park, who lived in a historic home on College Avenue.

Click here for Memorial Tree Fund Brochure

Want Landscape Advice?

Check out the Tree and Landscape Board website at There are many useful links and brochures on tree care and landscaping information, as well as the Board’s publication “Landscape Plants…A Suggested List” to guide your landscaping projects by choosing plants suited for urban growing areas.

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