City of College Park, Maryland

Human Resources

Employee of the Quarter

This is an award for up to three employees per quarter who, in addition to being role models, have by their actions demonstrated extraordinary service for the organization, fellow employees and/or the public.

Nominations:  With the exceptions of elected and appointed officials, nominations are accepted from employees and City residents.  Nominations must be written, signed and dated by the nominator and submitted to Human Resources.  Forms for this purpose are available from Human Resources or clicking on the link below.  All nominations on file at the end of a calendar quarter will be considered for that quarter.  The Personnel Committee meets within 30 days of the end of a quarter to evaluate the nominations and select the winner(s).

Awards:  The winners have their choice of awards, either $100.00 worth of Downtown College Park Management Authority (DCPMA) gift certificates, or a $100.00 check, or eight hours of annual leave.  The awards are presented, and nominees recognized, by the City Manager at a ceremony open to all employees.  A press release is published and posted in the lobby of City Hall.

Winning an  makes an employee eligible for the Employee of the Year Award.

 Employee of the Quarter Award Nomination Form

 Employee Name:  
 Employee Department  

 How has he or she demonstrated exceptional dedication and initiative?

What has been the scope of the impact on the organization?

 What has been the scope of the impact on City employees and/or the public?

 Nominator Name: