City of College Park, Maryland

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About Us

About Us

Location and Population

The City is a municipality within Prince George’s County, and is located approximately 7 miles northeast of Washington, D.C.  The City is primarily inside I-95/495, the Capital Beltway.  The area that includes College Park was originally settled in 1745 and the City was incorporated as a municipality under Maryland state law on June 7, 1945.  The City is the home of the University of Maryland, the flagship campus of the University System of Maryland, with a combined undergraduate and graduate population of approximately 36,000 students and a campus spanning 1,500 acres.  The estimated current population of the City is 30,413, about half of which are students.  The City comprises approximately 5 square miles, primarily along U.S. Route 1.

City Vision

The City of College Park is a vibrant and prosperous top 20 college town, which has established collaborative relationships with the residents, the University, businesses, non-profit sector, and other governments that benefit the entire community. The City is known for distinctive and connected neighborhoods, thriving commercial districts, cultural amenities, attractive green space and streetscapes, convenient transportation systems serving all users, and a strong sense of community pride.

City Mission

The City of College Park provides open and effective governance and excellent services that enhance the quality of life in our community.

City Goals

Goal 1: One College Park
The City of College Park and its residents, the University of Maryland (UMD) and its students, faculty and staff, and all stakeholders are connected to the community and work together for the best interest of College Park.

Goal 2: Environmental Sustainability
The City is a leader in the protection and restoration of natural resources and the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, technologies, and plans.

Goal 3: High Quality Development and Reinvestment
The City works with partners to facilitate investment along Baltimore Avenue, in the College Park metro station area, Berwyn Commercial District, and the Hollywood Commercial District to expand commercial development and housing options and increase the tax base to finance improvements in services and infrastructure.

Goal 4: Quality Infrastructure
The City’s infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, paths, technology, utilities, parks, playgrounds, City Hall, and other City facilities are constructed and maintained at a high quality standard and meet the needs of residents, employees, and visitors.

Goal 5: Effective Leadership
The City models excellent leadership and teamwork among Council, staff, and community partners to achieve the City’s vision and goals.

Goal 6: Excellent Services
College Park has high quality, consistent, and cost-effective services in every department that contribute to a desirable, welcoming, and safe City.

City Values

Open and Effective Government
The City conducts its business in a lawful, open, and democratic manner. The City values communication and public discussion on issues affecting the City.

High-Performing, Dedicated, and Valued Employees
City staff provide the highest level of service possible. They act with honesty and integrity and are empowered to solve problems. The City values and rewards excellent performance.

Sustainability and Long-term Planning
The City is committed to a sustainable built environment and active stewardship of our natural resources. The City’s long-term planning contributes to the well-being and prosperity of our community.

Fiscal Responsibility
The City maintains appropriate financial reserves, provides accurate financial information for decision-making, and spends revenue as effectively as possible.

The City values teamwork across departments and between Council and Staff. The City will strive to have productive, collaborative relations with the University, the County, the State, and neighboring jurisdictions in order to improve the City and the region.

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Council-Manager Form of Government

The City of College Park operates as a council-manager form of government.  The council-manager form is the system of local government that combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a governing body, with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager.  The council-manager form establishes a representative system where all power is concentrated in the elected council and where the council hires a professionally trained manager to oversee the delivery of public services.

The Manager has a crucial role in the council-manager form of government.  The manager is hired to serve the council and the community and to bring to the local government the benefits of training and experience in administering local government projects and programs on behalf of the governing body.  The manager prepares a budget for the council’s consideration; recruits, hires, and supervises the government’s staff; serves as the council’s chief adviser; and carries out the council’s policies.  Council members and citizens count on the manager to provide complete and objective information, the pros and cons of alternatives, and long-term consequences. 


 City facilities are located at: 

City Hall  4500 Knox Rd 
Old Parish House 4711 Knox Rd
Public Services 4601A Calvert Rd
Public Works 9217 51st Ave
Youth & Family Services 4912 Nantucket Rd